Outriders: Method to get a guaranteed legendary weapon

Outriders: Method to get a guaranteed legendary weapon

To get legendary weapons in Outriders it is not easy at all. You may even have already gone through the long campaign, farming bosses with your friends, without getting any legendary weapons, recognizable by their desirable orange color.

However, there is a guaranteed way to get a legendary weapon, such as The Wicker, a submachine gun with 50 rounds, and the ability to heal yourself for a percentage when hitting your target.

Outriders: Method to get a guaranteed legendary weapon

You will already know that the category of the world is what determines the difficulty, and therefore, what determines the best rewards. The higher it is, the more difficult it will be and the better rewards you will get.

There are 15 levels, and we will go up automatically as we gain experience, by defeating enemies and overcoming missions. When you go up the world category, it is permanently unlocked, and we can raise and lower the level and with it the difficulty whenever we want.

You can open world category level from map, by clicking on the bottom left of the screen, or by pressing the highlighted button.

Every time we upgrade we can claim a reward from the same menu. AND the reward for reaching level 12 is a chance to get a legendary weapon, which will be random, but will always be legendary.

If you want more information about Outriders, do not hesitate to consult our analysis. We also explain what they are and how expeditions are accessed in Outriders and how to change the world category.

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