Official trailer of The Innocent, the Netflix intrigue series starring Mario Casas

Official trailer of The Innocent, the Netflix intrigue series starring Mario Casas

There is less left to enjoy on Netflix of The Innocent, the new original series of the platform created by Oriol Paulo (The crooked lines of God, During the storm, Setback, The body) whose plot is based on the famous novel by the writer Harlan Coben and which will be released in the Netflix catalog at the end of April.

The plot of the new Netflix series tells the story of Mateo, who inadvertently became a murderer when he innocently tried to intercede in a fight. Nine years after the event, Mateo is an ex-convict who tries to rebuild his life with his wife, who is pregnant.

However, an unexpected call to his wife’s mobile will cause Mateo’s life to be destroyed once again, questioning Mateo’s innocence by Lorena, a police inspector who is investigating an alleged suicide case. To prove his innocence, Mateo begins a frantic race to discover the truth of what happened.

After getting a first look at The Innocent with its enigmatic trailer, Netflix has released the The Innocent Official Trailer, which you can take a look at through the following video.

The cast of The Innocent is led by actors of the stature of Mario Casas (Thou shalt not kill, The practitioner, Setback), Aura Garrido (Malnazidos, The Ministry of Time) Alexandra Jimenez (Mediterranean, If I were rich) and Jose Coronado (Setback, The body).

The series The Innocent will be available in the Netflix catalog from April 30, 2021. Meanwhile, here we recommend some intriguing series on Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video with a totally unexpected bomb ending.

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