Nintendo Switch update 12.00 available: these are the news that it incorporates

Nintendo Switch update 12.00 available: these are the news that it incorporates

Nintendo switch has been updated again, users of the nintendo hybrid console have seen how the Nintendo Switch update 12.00. The company maintains that they are always looking to improve the functionality of their systems and services to offer the best and easy experience possible.

As part of these efforts, they are launching updates like this that we tell you regularly, so that your consoles are agile and do not present errors. In most cases, Nintendo switch will automatically download the update and thus have the latest version of the software installed while connected to the internet, Sure.

But if not, you can always access Console Settings, scroll to the last option “Console“and in that section check if there is a new version or if you have the most recent one. 11.0.0, released on November 30, and from the 11.0.1, from December 10, now comes a new numerical band.

The new one Nintendo Switch version 12.0.0 has arrived recently, on April 5, 2021 (yesterday), but it has not only served to improve the system stability. Apparently, Nintendo has fixed a problem with the data saved in the function that has to do with the backup.

Apparently, on rare occasions -but they happened anyway- the automatic backup on data save it was interrupted if a communication error occurred during the process of completing the backup save.

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Although for now that is all, it is not ruled out that they launch a additional update like 11.0.1 -what would it be 12.0.1– a little later. We will be aware in case it occurs.

Source: Nintendo

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