Mass Effect Legendary Edition details the many improvements the trilogy has received (especially the first one)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition details the many improvements the trilogy has received (especially the first one)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the remastering of the Bioware trilogy for current consoles (PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X and PC) is very close: comes out May 14. A new entry on the website of Mass effect reviews in detail the many technical and playable improvements in this version.

An example of that is the combat system, which evolved a lot between the first and third games. The first Mas Effect was more influenced by the mechanics of traditional RPGs, including random elements and statistics that were not as intuitive and precise as the gunplay of Mass Effect 2 and 3.

Therefore, changes have been made, such as improvements to the field of view when aiming, adjusted weapon accuracy, improved aiming assist, reduced the time of cooldown, a melee attack button has been included (previously it was automatic), that all enemies take more damage when shooting the head (Not everyone had it before), that all characters can use all kinds of weapons …

Other Mass Effect-specific enhancements, beyond combat, include slightly change final bosses to be more fair to the player (while still challenging), improve (and expand in some cases) the coverage, readjustment of experience sharing, and in the case of Mass Effect 2, the amount of ammunition has been expanded.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Another of the most notable changes is the Mako vehicle, whose physics in the original game made him too light, sometimes uncontrollable. Physics have now been improved to make it look heavier, camera controls have been improved (including problems when aiming at low angles), shield reload time has been reduced, more “turbos” have been added, removed the XP penalty from being on the Mako, and changed one of the most annoying things about the original: touch the lava It no longer translates to an instant mission failure, but will just deal damage.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Common settings across all three games to unify the entire trilogy

Another interesting aspect is that several of the settings will be common throughout the trilogy, notably those that have to do with improvements to the character customizer (with new options, such as skin tones). The goal, in his words, is to offer a consistent experience, but at the same time maintaining the differences that made each game unique.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

For example, when creating your character you can have a code with which to maintain the same appearance in all three games. All three games have the same launcher, and the subtitle and language settings will remain in all three games.

Even some new trophies will remain throughout the trilogy (like killing 250 enemies between all games). Other trophies that were redundant between the three games have been removed, and others have been slightly modified. Weapon and armor DLCs are naturally integrated into the game.

However, of course, you can start from the game you want, and before Mass Effect 2 and 3 remain Dark Horse comics (Mass Effect Genesis) that allowed making decisions from previous games. Of course, despite the aforementioned and other accessibility improvements, playing the two previous games, maintaining decision-making, will make it easier for you to obtain the best possible ending at the end of Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

To all this, we must add a remixed and improved audio in the three games, and hundreds of bugs of the original fixed. Everything seems to indicate that Mass Effect Legendary Edition will live up to its name, and it will be the best possible way to enjoy this trilogy, forgetting about Andromeda … and thinking about its future in the new generation.

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