Lenovo Legion 2 Pro, so powerful that you will need an external fan

Lenovo Legion 2 Pro

The level of performance of smartphones has not stopped increasing in recent years and today we have models with more memory or storage than the average in PCs and spectacular screens that pulverize the pixel density of computer monitors. Miniature computers where those dedicated to mobile gaming stand out in performance, the most versatile portable consoles that we can acquire because in addition to gaming they offer the characteristics of current mobiles that are almost infinite.

Lenovo Legion 2 Pro will be a good example of what has been said. The Chinese firm started a brand entirely dedicated to PC video games in 2017 and later expanded it to mobile phones. The new model will be presented in China next Thursday, April 8, but we already have images and main features.

Lenovo Legion 2 Pro What a cucumber!

The terminal will have a multi-touch screen AMOLED with almost 7 inches diagonal, with FDH + resolution and the highest refresh rates available in the industry today: 144 Hz on the panel and 720 Hz touch sampling from your digitizer.

Its SoC engine will be the most powerful Qualcomm has for this year, the Snapdragon 888 with eight-core Kyro 680 CPU (up to 2.84 GHz) and the new Adreno 660 GPU that promises a 35% increase in graphics performance. The amount of memory will accompany because it will rise up to 16 Gbytes. The same is its storage capacity, up to 512 Gbytes.

Lenovo will also improve the level of the cameras over the original Legion, especially the external and motorized front so as not to pierce the screen and that will have a 44 megapixel sensor. The rear camera will have a 64 MP / 1.32-inch main sensor with support for 4K recording at 120 fps and 8K video recording at 30 fps.

The battery capacity will also increase to 5,500 MHz with 90W wired fast charging and an updated charging algorithm. Lenovo promises that the battery will retain 85% of its original capacity even after 1,200 charge cycles.

Taking into account its level of performance and minituarization of components, this type of terminal needs special cooling systems and the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro will have new features. Also outside where a small fan stands out. Although this type of refrigerator was released in the Red Magic 6, it will be the first time it is mounted externally and in a visible way for the user, in the center of the back where the main camera is also located.

That type of design, together with a huge screen that is close to 7 inches, explains that its use in landscape for games or multimedia is preferential. An authentic ‘cucumber’ that we hope to present to you next Thursday.

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