Lady Dimitrescu “is the opposite of Dracula,” according to Resident Evil Village art director.

Lady Dimitrescu "is the opposite of Dracula," according to Resident Evil Village art director.

The eighth installment of Resident Evil is due out next month. If already a new Resi is reason enough to get excited, the anticipation around Resident Evil Village It is being very special, and it can all be summed up in two words: Lady Dimitrescu. This towering vampire was revealed in a trailer last January, and since then she has been dazzled by Twitter.

The middle IGN He has had information about how the character was created, what the Village setting will be like. For the most fetishists, they have also given the data of how tall is Dimitrescu’s foot: 44 centimeters, almost double that of the average woman’s foot. He also surpasses Jeison Rodríguez Hernández by 4 centimeters, who holds the Guinness record for the longest foot.

The art director Tomonari Takano it was Dimitrescu’s designer, who was already absolutely amazed by the internet’s reaction to his creation (and also a bit scared by people who wanted him to “step on” it). It all started when they decided that the game would take place in a town: to create a place that felt real, it was very important to take care of the characters that live in it.

Dimitrescu was there from the beginning of development, although the decision to make it extremely tall came naturally. They started with Mia’s character model in Resident Evil 7 and put a dress and a hat on her, with the intention of giving her a ghostly appearance. But since it wasn’t particularly terrifying, they decided to make the character much bigger.

Specifically, 2.9 meterstaller than any known human being, but not so tall as to be monstrous. In fact, at first they thought of giving it a creature look, but decided that height was “the simplest and most powerful thing they could do.”

For her wardrobe, she sought to give a modern touch to the Gothic style, too little original, inspired by Morticia Addams or 60s fashion, looking at actresses like Audrey Hepburn. In addition, the character has traits taken from Japanese folklore … and from a historical character.

Dimitrescu Resident Evil Village fanarts

Original art by Pliket-Pliket

Takano also spoke about the three daughters who accompany Lady Dimitrescu in her castle. Bela She is the oldest and most serene. Cassandra she is sadistic and loves to kill. AND Daniela She is the youngest, also the craziest and most delusional. The objective was to offer a parallel between Lady Dimitrescu and Ethan, the protagonist of the game, who is also trying to save his family.

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The concept started with a castle with hundreds of witches inside, but it was difficult to implement it in video game format. Even so, when you play it you will notice that the stage is very close to that idea. All types of enemies in the castle are women. With Lady Dimitrescu as the leader of the cult, we have created a hierarchy of women, who drink the blood of men, so it could be said that she is the opposite of Dracula. Outside the castle you will see the bodies of men whose blood has been drained, like scarecrows made of skin. It is a scenario in which women are very strong.

This Lady Dimitrescu cosplay faithfully recreates the actual stature of the Resident Evil Village vamp

Lady Dimitrescu’s castle will be just one part of Resident Evil Village. They don’t expect a lot of other bizarre characters in the game that comes out on PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 25, although none of them will probably appeal to us as much as Dimitrescu … and Capcom knows it.

Source: IGN

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