Jennifer Jason Leigh signs up to hunt down Nazis in Hunters season 2

Jennifer Jason Leigh signs up to hunt down Nazis in Hunters season 2

In early 2020, Amazon Prime Video Hunters brought us, a series that had the stellar participation of, among others, the legendary Al Pacino. The series centers on a group of Jews and supporters who discover that several high-ranking Nazis were secretly brought to the United States after World War II as part of the Paperclip operation (actual operation, by the way). Despite everything, many of those Nazis had committed atrocities during the war, so this group is not willing to let things slide.

Details about the plot of the Hunters season 2 are kept secret, but Deadline has been able to access some information regarding the cast that we will see in the new episodes of the Amazon Prime Video series.

The Oscar-nominated actress for The Hateful Eight, Jennifer jason leigh, will join the cast of the new season of Hunters as Chava Apfelbaum, a character we saw briefly in season one played by Cassidy Layton.

The final events of season 1 of Hunters portend many changes in the process of what we will see in season 2, although as we have said, at the moment there are no great details revealed by the producer. It will be necessary to see what are the new movements of these Nazis hidden in plain sight in the United States with the sinister intentions of creating a Fourth Reich in the North American nation.

What do you expect from season 2 of Hunters? What do you think of the signing of Jennifer Jason Leigh?

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