GTA San Andreas and Marvel’s Spider-Man: the amazing mod that unites the PS4 game with the Rockstar classic

GTA San Andreas and Marvel's Spider-Man: the amazing mod that unites the PS4 game with the Rockstar classic

Mods are already our daily bread on PC, but there are some that always manage to stand out for their originality or for the advances they manage to implement in titles that were not designed for those changes. This is the case of GTA San Andreas.

The Rockstar classic will always be present in the hearts of thousands of players, but thanks to mods, San Andreas can enjoy a second life that is very interesting, especially if Peter Parker is in the area. ¿GTA San Andreas and Spider-Man? Now this combination is possible.

Modder ‘J16D’ has released a new version of his mod that Lets become the PS4 Spider-Man in San Andreas. This version 1.9 in beta phase adds new animations, main menu and a new HUD, which will be recognized by players of the Insomniac Games title.

Apart from cooler animations straight out of the PS4 game, this mod adds some special events and new locations on the well-known map. Background music and a series of adjustments and improvements to the game are also added.

Right here you can to download this mod for GTA San Andreas and we leave you a small gameplay so you can see the fantastic results it gets. The mod has several suits, the gadgets that we could find in Marvel’s Spider-Man and many of the mechanics of its cool combat system.

Who knew that Spider-Man would swing in San Andreas? Related to the subject of modifications, Kingdom Hearts on PC starts its mods: in KH2 it fixes FPS problems, in KH3 integration with ReMind is added to the game.

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