¿GPU en vertical? ¿En horizontal? No, mejor en oblicuo (si es que pasa de concepto)

GPU vertically? Horizontally? No, better in oblique (if it happens in concept)

I’ll start by asking you a question: Do you prefer the GPU vertically or horizontally? Of course, depending on how you use technology and how long it has been since you last saw the guts of a PC, you may now be wondering what the hell I’m talking about, so here’s a quick explanation:

Traditionally, the common thing is that the arrangement of the cards connected to the expansion slots of the motherboard of a PC be horizontal, that is, perpendicular to the motherboard. Thus, the connectors each of them (if they have them) are horizontally aligned on the back of the box. If you stuck with that model, then you probably don’t like the vertical GPU stuff at all, but it does have an explanation.

There are many manufacturers that, in recent times, have launched into the market for products for gamers, which stand out mainly for two points: their high performance and the use of LEDs for that particular and recognizable aesthetic. Graphics card manufacturers are no exception, and quite a few of the latest generation graphics feature LEDs on its fans, which can be seen from the transparent sides of many PC chassis. The problem, of course, is that with the GPU mounted horizontally, the effect is much less visible than with the GPU vertically mounted.

As a result, quite a few box manufacturers have started offering solutions that allow you to mount the GPU vertically, so that it is possible to see the card in operation and enjoy the visual spectacle of the LEDs, especially if they act in conjunction with those of other elements of the CPU. Obviously this goes in taste, there are those who consider that this has nothing to show and that it is tacky, but those people are still very, very free to buy boxes, GPUs and other elements without LEDs. Live and let live, go.

Be that as it may, for some time now the mmessages stating that mounting the GPU vertically is not a good idea, since it can hinder the ventilation flow inside the CPU, and if it is too close to the glass (or methacrylate or whatever material), it can accumulate temperature, which would not dissipate properly. What to do then? GPU vertically or horizontally?

Well it is possible that the answer to this question is that neither vertical GPU nor horizontal GPU, but oblique GPU, and it is that Gigabyte has published, on the Twitter account of AORUS Spain, an original proposal that, although evidently it’s just a render from a concept to exploreYes, it could come to reconcile the two positions, demonstrating once again that reason tends to be at the middle point. Well, that and that human beings tend to like very much things that are, or at least seem, collapsible.

If this oblique mount GPU had been released a few days ago, everyone would have thought it was Gigabyte’s action for this year’s April’s fools … actually there are those who think so even though it was released on April 5th, and not the one, but the truth is that, if a design like this can be put into practice, could be a very interesting option for users who would like to mount their GPU vertically, but who are especially cared for with the ventilation inside the GPU.

Also, aesthetically, I have to confess that I like this oblique format better than the vertical GPU, and that it allows the illumination of the card to look much more than if it is mounted horizontally. Of course, we are actually talking about a render that responds to a demand that I fear is not high enough so that what this render shows us, with a lot of R&D through, becomes a reality. But hey, even so, creativity must be appreciated and appreciated, good for AORUS.





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