Gifts and rewards for naturalists and fishermen await you this week in Red Dead Online

Gifts and rewards for naturalists and fishermen await you this week in Red Dead Online

All players of Red Dead Online This week they will enjoy a rewards package that will allow us to enjoy nature to the fullest. This includes 3 powerful herbivore baits, 3 powerful predator baits, and 3 special lake lures.

In addition, there is a 5 gold bar discount on the Naturalist Sampling Kit. All Naturalists will get double money and RPG EXP on all sample sales this week.

What’s more, if you sample any legendary animal, you will receive 100 tranquilizer cartridges for the Varmint rifle and 5 animal resuscitators with which to sedate and awaken your prey.

On the other hand, anglers will earn double money and EXP in all Free Roam Fishing Challenges, which will be more frequent this week. Also, when you sell fish you will get 50% more.

If you need to improve your photographic equipment, you will have 40% discount on advanced camera by completing a round of Wild Photography.

What’s more, create any item in the Gus store will give us a 50% discount on any outfit below level 15.

As for discounts, this week you will find (discounted percentage):

  • All Harriet’s Tonics -30%
  • Principle naturalist articles or premise -30%
  • All items in the Gus store -30%
  • Elephant rifle -30%
  • Fishing rod, lures and hats -40%

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Finally, remember that users of Prime Gaming get additional bonuses:

  • Free Bounty Hunter License
  • Ornate amethyst skin for the bounty hunter’s chariot.

In addition, players who link your account to Prime Gaming before April 12 They will get a 30% discount on some versatile horses and a selection of horse product guides sold by the fence, as well as a 40% discount on all saddles.

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