Food in Monster Hunter Rise: best dango, effects and everything you need to know

Food in Monster Hunter Rise: best dango, effects and everything you need to know

Eating at Monster Hunter Rise is a pleasure. Beyond being able to witness how adorable cats prepare a delicious dessert to the rhythm of a catchy melody, food is very important for every hunter worth his salt.

Paying for a plate of food with zenis or kamura points in Monster Hunter Rise will help you make your hunting hunts much more accessible and the fight against the big monsters is not so unfair. Thus, it is essential to know the secrets of felyne cooking.

Food in Monster Hunter Rise: best dango, effects and everything you need to know

Where to feed in Monster Hunter Rise

There are three places you can eat to increase your strength. One is the Kamura Cantina, which you can see near the Hinoa quest post. Another is the dining room guild hall, for online and offline hunts and finally, you can also eat at the tents of the main camps. in case you forgot to fill your stomach.

What is the use of eating dangos in Monster Hunter Rise and tips

The dango, inspired by a traditional Japanese dessert, allow us get extra stamina and health before going hunting and incidentally increase other stats and / or boost more skills. You can make your dango plate with three pieces, each one offers you very well received bonuses.

Once you exceed the five-star quest rank, eating at the canteen will give you +50 stamina and health. Regardless of that, each dango offers you element resistances, a chance to weaken monsters, increased arrow damage, increased sharpening speed, increased attack and many other effects.

As you complete missions you will be able to get more types of dango, but you should know that these cannot always give you advantages, since each one of them has a percentage of success. So consider whether it pays to risk a dango with little probability, since you will be able to waste one of the three available slots. Don’t forget to use the precious dango tickets to improve your chances of success.

Best dango from Monster Hunter Rise

Of course, there are a few highly powerful combinationsAlthough it is best to experiment for yourself and take into account the nature of the hunt you will face. We leave you some dango that have helped us in our shakes:

  • Sparks– Speed ​​up weapon sharpening and upgrade bombs to megabombs
  • Restorative: decreases stamina expenditure on actions such as dodge
  • Potato: makes big monsters weaker
  • Stimulating– You regain more health when using healing items
  • Peep: more likely to be approached by animaves

Monster hunter rise

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