Dying Light 2 can be played in full in cooperative mode and details more information

Dying Light 2 can be played in full in cooperative mode and details more information

We had been without news for a long time Dying Light 2, the action and zombie sequel developed by Techland, but in recent weeks we have been able to learn a few details and the flow of statements by its creators does not stop.

Today it’s time to talk of the cooperative of Dying Light 2 is that, on the game’s official Discord server, the Techland community manager shared valuable information about this modality.

Everything will be based on the same premise as the first Dying Light– Up to four players will try to survive in the same game, although the sequel will add a few improvements and will have some major differences.

For a start, Dying Light 2 can be completed 100% in cooperative mode, something that was not implemented in the first installment, where some segments of the beginning and end of the game left us “alone in the face of danger.” In the expected title it will not be like that.

However, the game presents a branching story, where the weight of the decisions made by the players will have a series of consequences that will translate into narrative changes. However, if we decide to play cooperatively, only the main player or host will bear the weight of the decisions and choices. Only one can lead the game.

When it comes to content, Techland has been making several concepts clear. The duration of Dying Light 2 will be about 20 hours and two or three times longer if the game is completed 100%, something that surely has been influenced by the random events and dynamic encounters similar to those of Red Dead Redemption 2 with the ones that will count.

Source: Gaming Tweaks

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