Truant Pixel has announced RUNNER, a new game for VR platforms Inspired by classic arcades and focused on driving and action genres. The title has been submitted for release ahead of PS VR 2 and other virtual reality platforms on PC, although exactly when it will arrive has not been detailed.

RUNNER purposely presents a classic look, carried by themes like lo-fi and futuristic, and inspired by anime like Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor and more.“, He said Truant Pixel in a tweet. “And we have only shown a part of the encounters and environments in their entirety that can be seen and passed through the game“.

When there’s nowhere to hide, there’s only one way out … RUNNER is an arcade-inspired action-driving VR game. Take on the role of Mina, an unscrupulous rogue immersed in a massive chase through the city, starting in the heart of the Presidium, the neon-bathed capital of the lunar mining colony N-351, she can only escape by a massive highway that winds through the entire colonial complex. Pursued by the forces of the Caldara Corporation, Mina must run through the 7 sectors while fighting waves of combat drones“.

Truant Pixel states that using their wits, cyber skills, and special abilities, the player must become the runner in this kinetic VR experience. RUNNER has a first person with a 1980s anime style, a Original and dynamic OST composed of Fat Bard and a Fully customizable bike with unique paintings and light sets; although you can get new vehicles as you play.

RUNNER has a 360º view, with heavy vehicles to fight and various powers to collect during games. Mina’s arsenal also includes grenades, guided missiles and cannons attached to its vehicles.

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¿You have found the idea that Truant Pixel presents through its recently announced RUNNER attractive?