A father loses custody of his son with addiction problems to Fortnite and RRSS after the judge’s sentence

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Video games and controversy often go hand in hand, unfortunately. In the last hours, numerous opinions have been unleashed in favor and against the sentence of the judge of the Hearing of Pontevedra, which has removed custody of a father for letting him play Fortnite excessively, as well as social media addiction problems.

The news broke yesterday, initially on the Antena 3 Public Mirror program. A father called the program desperate, after losing custody of his son, prone to addiction to games like Fortnite and also to social networks. Yes indeed, the case is still open and the father’s lawyer has announced that he will appeal the sentence.

The boy had his own YouTube channel and Instagram account, and I played Fortnite frequently throughout the week. The judge’s sentence is supported by documents provided by a psychologist who treated the young man, where it is made clear that the boy’s school performance had dropped considerably due to his addiction to video games.

Unilaterally, it has allowed the minor the open an Instagram account and a YouTube channel. With total ignorance on the part of the mother. Revealing the “hook” that the minor has to a particular game called “Fortnite” collects the ruling that also explains that the psychologist advises against gambling “by proxy trigger academic, emotional, social impairment, behavioral problems, and anxiety and mood disorders”, verbatim the sentence of the judge of the Hearing of Pontevedra.

One of the points that the father clings to, in the words of his lawyer, is that the mother also let him play Fortnite, although only on weekends. Apparently the father let the boy play every day, and even I bought her cosmetics and objects for use within Epic’s game.

Regarding the main cause, the judge affirms that the boy was prone to addiction to social networks and Fortnite, at the same time that the mother was unaware that her son I spent so many hours playing video games. This is also evident in the judge’s sentence.




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That there is a problem with the fondness for video games that the minor has, maintaining the parents in this regard a disparity of criteria. Being the father totally permissive with the minor, letting him play every day and even buying items for you so you can keep playing

Of course, the sentence it will be appealed, given the large number of factors surrounding the case. For example, him decreasing academic performance of the minor, their lack of attendance at extracurricular activities or the fringes that could be in the relationship of their parents, since it is unknown if it is totally true that the mother was unaware of her child’s routine.

Source: Antena 3

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