Trailer of Yasuke, the stylized Netflix anime about a ronin

Trailer of Yasuke, the stylized Netflix anime about a ronin

Netflix continues to expand its original anime catalog. After making a good bet on Castlevania, Blood of Zeus, or the DOTA anime series: Dragon’s Blood, the streaming platform now revs its engines with Yasuke, his new original anime inspired by the story of the first black samurai.

Yasuke It is presented as an action-fantasy anime that transports us to a feudal Japan reimagined with magic and highly advanced technology, where a boatman tries to lead a quiet life after leaving his violent past behind. However, when social upheavals begin in a nearby town, Yasuke must once again take up his sword and guard a mysterious girl who finds herself at the center of various dark forces.

LeSean Thomas (Children of the Ether, Cannon Busters) is the creator of this anime series which features animation by MAPPA studio (Attack on Titan: The Final Season). Originally, Chadwick Boseman had been chosen to voice the protagonist of Yasuke, but after the death of the actor last year finally LaKeith Stanfield will be in charge of lending his voice to the titular character. Both Thomas and Stanfield himself produce this Netflix anime with the artist Flying lotus, who has also composed the soundtrack for the series.

This new Netflix original anime takes as its base and protagonist Yasuke, a historical figure of the same name. The real Yasuke was an African slave who came to serve under the Japanese feudal lord Oda Nobunaga during the 16th century and became a samurai, becoming a legend over the centuries and inspiring various manga, anime and all kinds of stories. . Yasuke premieres on Netflix on April 29 with a first season of 6 episodes.

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