Trailer of Carroña, the new post-apocalyptic film in the purest Mad Max style

Trailer of Carroña, the new post-apocalyptic film in the purest Mad Max style

With the Coronavirus pandemic, films focused on post-apocalyptic futures, including feature films about the pandemic such as COVID 21: Lethal Virus, the new Spanish horror film about a mutated Coronavirus.

Within the catastrophe movies we find Scavenger, an Argentine science fiction film written and directed by Luciana Garraza and Eric Fleitas that presents a post-apocalyptic future in the purest style of the Mad Max films.

Of course you just have to take a look at the Carrion trailer to see how much he drinks from Mad Max by tracing the general atmosphere of the popular science fiction saga: the tone, the costumes, the vehicles … Nothing is missing. You can see the trailer below.

The film Carroña is set in a future devastated by the economic crisis, corruption, inequality and disease, whose plot revolves around Tisha, a murderer and organ dealer with a dark past who seeks revenge for a crime that marked her life, running into his own demons along the way.

The cast of Carroña is made up of the actors Sofia Lanaro (Paradise, Weekend), Gonzalo tolosa (Animal Moribus), Nayla churruarrin and Tisso Solis Vargas, the latter two debuting in the film.

Produced by Ronin Producciones, The film Carroña will be released in the United States directly on VOD starting next May 11, 2021. In the meantime, here we recommend 10 different sci-fi movies on Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video.

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