This would be the Pilaf band from Dragon Ball with a more realistic style

This would be the Pilaf band from Dragon Ball with a more realistic style

With several decades of manga, anime, movies, video games and all kinds of material behind him, it is no wonder that Dragon ball be one of the largest franchises in the world, or continue to inspire thousands and thousands of creators every day.

Fans of Dragon ball They do not miss any occasion to show their love for their favorite characters, with what on many occasions we find tremendous fanarts of all kinds that imagine the characters of Akira toriyama in amazing styles. Of course, the transition from Toriyama’s manga style to a more realistic one always draws our attention, as we already taught you with this striking image of Cell’s birth or these imposing portraits with a more realistic finish.

Following this line, today we want to show you the work of Sang Soo Jeong, an illustrator and conceptual artist from Korea who creates spectacular illustrations in a style somewhere between stylized and realistic cartoon. This artist publishes his work on Twitter under the handle @ 720ss and these days he is sharing his works inspired by the characters of Dragon ball, like this one in which it shows Pilaf’s gang.

Here you can see how the original framing of the sketch began with Pilaf, Mail and Sho and how was the final finish, with a more stylized and realistic touch and features. Pilaf’s band appeared in the first bows of Dragon ball as a group of villains, although they were losing relevance as the plots progressed and were replaced by other more dangerous opponents. Some time later, the trio ended up as children again, being quite recurring secondary characters.

What do you think of the fanarts of this Korean artist? Do you like the realistic finish for the Dragon Ball characters?

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