The Studio Clap Handz ends an exclusivity of more than 20 years and 13 games with Sony

The Studio Clap Handz ends an exclusivity of more than 20 years and 13 games with Sony

Apple Arcade has added a good dose of games last Friday. Fantasian, World of Demons (new from Platinum Games) and also Clap Hanz Golf, a title that has caught the attention of the community due to its origin.

Clap Hanz Golf is the work of the development studio Studio Clap Handz. This company was created in 1998 and has spent the last two decades working exclusively with Sony. In 20 years, 13 titles have been released on PlayStation consoles. Everybody’s Golf and Tennis have been his main works.

Nevertheless, the launch of Clap Hanz Golf at Apple Arcade, the game subscription service for Apple devices, has ended that exclusivity. Although it is not a large AAA study, the implications are important. At the moment, not many more details have been known regarding this situation.

Everybody’s Golf has always been the name that has accompanied the saga that we have seen on PlayStation consoles and Clap Hanz Golf, despite keeping important similarities, it seems to distance itself from the main series.

In terms of exclusivities, Sony has been very present in recent days. For example, MLB The Show 2021 is coming to Xbox Game Pass – it’s the first PlayStation game to do so. In addition, it has already been confirmed that several PS4 exclusives will arrive on PC.

All this comes a few days after knowing Sony’s intentions for restructuring Japan Studio, a company that has been one of the most important faces of the company in Japan and that has left us prestigious titles such as Gravity Rush or Ape Escape. Shunsuke Saito, director of Gravity Rush 2, left the studio a few days ago, as did many other colleagues.

Source: VGC

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