The fan project Metroid Prime 2D already has its own playable demo after 15 years of work

The fan project Metroid Prime 2D already has its own playable demo after 15 years of work

Metroid Prime 4 continues its development alongside the 35th anniversary of the saga is approaching. Meanwhile, for 15 years, fans of the Samus saga have also been working on a project that will excite fans of this much-loved franchise.

If you are among this group, perhaps the name of Prime 2D, the unofficial fan work that has set out to give a second life to the first Metroid Prime of 2002 for the GameCube looking for an adaptation in lateral scroll more similar to the times that run.

Although the project has been in development in some way for 15 years, it is in recent times where its creators, Team SCU, have been able to progress thoroughly in this game. Now, Prime 2D has its first playable demo.

In it we have been able to see many of the iconic settings of this installment, such as Tallon Overworld, as well as the essence of this title. We have a long history, starting in April 2004explained the development team. We went through 5 different main programmers and we have had hundreds of volunteers making thousands of resources.

Prime 2D has always been approached as a fan project for the pleasure of creating and learning; This has been exemplified by many previous contributors using the skills learned from this project as a way to enter the games industry. You can take a look at the gameplay from the Varia the Hunter channel here:

Of course, we clarify that this project is not official. The last we have learned about the long-awaited title from Retro Studios is that Metroid Prime 4 will enhance its narrative with the development of “cinematic and emotional” scenes. If you are fans of the saga, don’t miss Samus’s helmet in life-size Metroid Prime that will be sold by First 4 Figures.

Source: VGC

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