Space Jam: New Legends director explains why Lola Bunny is no longer so sexualized

Space Jam: New Legends director explains why Lola Bunny is no longer so sexualized

The release of the first trailer for Space Jam: New Legends revolutionized the weekend. As with every new poster and better look at the sequel with the Looney Tunes and LeBron James, social media catches fire for hours. Specifically, one of the focuses of attention has once again been Lola bunny, as his apparent lack of attractiveness has infuriated more than one fan.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, The movie director Malcolm D. Lee has wanted to talk about Space Jam and specifically about why Lola Bunny is no longer so sexualized in Space Jam: New Legends. “Lola was very sexualized, she was a mix of Betty Boop and Jessica Rabbit. It’s a children’s movie, why was she wearing a crop top? It feels a bit unnecessary, but at the same time there is a very long history of these things in cartoons, “explained the director.

“We are in 2021. It is important to reflect the authenticity of strong and capable female characters. Of the Tunes, she is possibly the one with the most human characteristics; she does not have a carrot, or a stutter,” explained Lee. “So we flipped a few things around, not just her looks, like her clothes being the correct length and feminine without being objectified, but we also gave her a real voice. We wanted to focus on her athletic power, and her capabilities. as a leader, make her a complete character like the others “


Lee also referenced that Lola was created specifically for the original Space Jam, so she did not have as much baggage as the other characters, although it is also true that Lola has appeared and been better developed in later cartoons. Less and less remains for the premiere of Space Jam: New Legends, which will hit theaters and HBO Max on July 16, so we can expect to see more material with Lola and the rest of the Tune Squad in the coming months.

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