Sony could be working on a voice-controlled PlayStation controller

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The playstation 5 games They might have new ways and means to play on their controls, if a new Sony patent comes to fruition; or to someone. It is a move that would make titles more accessible, although it could also preserve the history of digital games, so that in their future games can be enjoyed by many more people.

The Sony next-gen, PS5 released in November 2020, has an award-winning command for its functions: DualSense. Thanks to its haptic functions and its adaptive triggers that enhance the experience, every game can be a new experience. Despite how well received the command has been, it seems that Sony is still looking for ways to improve and innovate when it comes to gaming.

According to the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Sony issued a patent for a controller with a voice input device. In the patent, a knob is seen as a ball attached to a stick, which works with a camera to capture the movements and rotations of the knob, a concept similar to PlayStation Move.

The most interesting part of the patent is its potential for voice control, with one part that says “data communicated between controller and components includes device voice and control inputs via sound“This discovery comes a few weeks after another trophy-related patent that suggested Sony still has backward compatibility in mind.

A control that works by gestures and voice, and that does not require psychomotor skills could be perfect for all people who cannot move like others. Already in The Last of Us Part 2 we saw many more accessibility options than in many other AAA, something applauded by people who are gamers and have difficulties to enjoy the games.

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Now there is only wait if this patent is carried out, or if on the contrary it only stays in another perhaps.

Source: Game rant

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