Rumor: Activison canceled Call of Duty Blackout 2 in Black Ops Cold War following the success of Warzone

Rumor: Activison canceled Call of Duty Blackout 2 in Black Ops Cold War following the success of Warzone

Those who have followed the Call of Duty Warzone leaks in recent months may have heard about the map of the Ural Mountains, a huge map much larger than the one in Verdansk, and that would eventually reach Warzone. But that’s not going to be the case: recent leaks have shown a redesign of Verdansk in the style of the 80s, in the vein of Black Ops Cold War, and that would arrive in the third season (March 22).

Where then do the rumors about the map of the Ural Mountains come from? A recent filtered image shows the map of the map (forgive the redundancy), and many of the locations that we can read are already in the Fireteam mode from Black Ops Cold War, which agrees with the rumors that the new battle royale map would be composed of the union of other maps.

Nevertheless…which Battle Royale?

Call of Duty Blackout 2 was canceled due to the success of Warzone

The leaked image (and another via Resetera) sample the Black Ops Cold War interface, which suggests that the map Ural Mountains It was never in development for Warzone, but for Blackout 2, which would have been BO Cold War’s battle royale mode, following in the wake of the one we already had in Black Ops IIII (2018).

Andy Robinson, journalist from VGC, explained on his last podcast that Activision was developing Blackout 2 for Black Ops Cold War, but was canceled after the huge success of Warzone. Activision did not know if Black Ops Cold War would be compatible with Warzone, but after its success, it wanted to bring all its resources to Warzone, and therefore it would make no sense for Black Ops Cold War to compete with you with another battle royale.

This is also consistent with statements from Jeff Grubb June 2020, in which it advanced that Blackout would return in some way with the Black Ops of that year (which at that time had not even been announced). Evidently, at some point in its development, Blackout 2 was canceled.

As we already know, Call of Duty Warzone has been proposed as a free to play game as a service, which goes hand in hand with the most recent Call of Duty core installment, crossing the progression and integrating weapons, characters … First was Modern Warfare, now it’s Black Ops Cold War … and this year it’s probably Call of Duty Vanguard.

So … what happened to the map of the Urals? Knowing from the leaks that the map coming to Warzone as of March 22nd is a redesign of Verdansk, most likely the map of the Urals was discarded, although perhaps some of its elements end up in the Verdansk of the 80s.

Would you have liked the new Warzone map to have been the Urals map, rather than a Warzone redesign? Would you have liked Activision to go ahead with the Blackout plans in Black Ops Cold War?

Source: Charlie Intel, VGC, Resetera

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