Relive the golden age of video games with this past rap from one of our readers … pure nostalgia!

Relive the golden age of video games with this past rap from one of our readers ... pure nostalgia!

Little afternoons of glory awaited us in the 80s. Known as the golden age of video games, with a multitude of characters, movies, classic video games or Rastro mornings … all that and much more It is reflected in this charming rap, which will make you fall in love if you lived those years.

One of our readers has provided us this rap, which intersperses iconic images of video games of those years, iconic figures such as Maradona, Characters like He-man, and all this in a nostalgic and cool presentation that we leave you below.

Courtesy of YouTube channel Soul Capture ProductionsIt is precisely their objective to reflect all the charm of those years, which undoubtedly dazzled a whole generation of players. In the middle of Sega’s battle against Nintendo (a fierce, but healthy rivalry), many gave your first steps with computers and video game consoles.

If you want to relive your tender childhood, the nocilla sandwich or those afternoons of glory with your NES or Sega Master System (which would later give way to Super Nintendo and Mega Drive), this rap will undoubtedly be like time travel. From here we thank our reader for such titanic work.



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The basis of rap comes from the video game Turrican 2, released in 1991 for the Commodore Amiga, and without a doubt one of the most beloved titles by that generation of players. Together with the lyrics and the composition of images, they undoubtedly make up a wonderful subject that has left us speechless.

We have inserted the rap above, with the name of Man-At-Arms & Telémaco – Turrican, but you can also take a look at your channel, Soul Capture Productions, where you will find more videos of interest.

Source: Soul Capture Productions

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