Unfortunately, resellers have been in the news for many months, specifically since the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X in the market, although they also act in other niches such as graphics cards, Pokémon cards or limited edition toys, something that has in order to obtain an average of more than € 2000 profit per month.

So far we have covered a lot of news related to parents and young people who have fought against speculators to get their brand new PS5 and Xbox series X. Now we have a different point of view, from that of the speculators themselves, thanks to a report from the BBC.

One of the resellers interviewed was Jake (fake name), who is only 18 years old, and claims that he does not see this speculation business as a problem where he admits that he has won around 12,000 euros with consoles resold since last November. He admits that at first, when PS5 units were very limited, it sold them perfectly for almost $ 1,000 a unit.

I don’t sound like a very nice person, but this is business. Why should I be sitting in my room playing, like any other 18-year-old, doing absolutely nothing with my life? It’s easy money”Says Jake.

Another reseller is Sam, a 17-year-old girl, who has been threatened. Clarifies that “she is not a scammer“, And that feels like”a kind of entrepreneur”. The girl runs a business that brings her more than 2,000 euros every month. “The reality is that we buy stocks, we own them, we can set the price. Some of the people in these groups do this to feed their families”, Clarifies Sam.

Both youngsters look like they will continue to resell for the next few months as long as there is a shortage of PS5 and Xbox Series on the market, something that seems to be the norm due to the semiconductor shortage crisis.

One of the first governments that has spoken out against speculation is that of the United Kingdom, although at the moment they are proposals that take a long time to escalate to end up being present in some type of bill. What is clear is that no law will come in time to end the resales of PS5 and Xbox Series X in the market.