Outriders Peaks Concurrent Player Peak While Servers Stabilize

Outriders, the People Can Fly hero shooter, is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Stadia

Outriders has positioned itself as one of the most outstanding launches of the year. The People Can Fly title dazzled quite a few players when it released its demo and now that it has been released, sales have accompanied a positive reception.

Typically, a release that often exceeds expectations generates good news and bad news. The good news is that there is a high number of players, which gives the game much more life, beyond the company’s own sales; the bad news is that it is this high number of users that tends to crash the servers.

This is what has happened with Outriders. The game started by tripling the maximum number of Marvel’s Avengers players on Steam and reached 100,000 concurrent players on Saturday. However, an outage on their servers caused a loss of 70,000 players.

On Twitter People Can Fly communicated a stabilization of Outriders online services which allowed reaching 125,000 concurrent players, something that already places its maximum peak in a shippable figure. Will Outriders keep increasing their cap?

Normally, the maximum peaks tend to occur after a few days or even weeks, as happened with Valheim. Of course, the game is not without problems yet, but stabilizing your servers has favored a better gaming experience.

The launch of Outriders is one of the first news highlights for April. Given the good reception of the title (you can read our analysis here) its creators claim to have ideas for future DLC, “significant expansions with self-contained stories.”

Source: Gamerant

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