Monster Hunter Rise surpasses 5 million copies sold worldwide

Monster Hunter Rise International Notes Compilation: Monsters Stomp On Switch

Monster Hunter Rise came to us on March 26, a Capcom’s new adventure exclusively for Nintendo SwitchBut since then it has only grown. And it is that the last installment of the saga on the Nintendo console distributed 4 million copies at the end of March, equaling the premiere of Animal Crossing in Japan.

But the thing was not going to be only in that, now Capcom has announced through a press release that the game has already exceeded 5 million copies sold around the world. “Strong sales have seen their growth due to the positive reception of the game concept and its new features.“, you can read in the statement.

The Monster Hunter saga is a series of action games where players and friends face great monsters in a natural and beautiful environment. Since its arrival in 2004, it has grown to a global phenomenon with accumulated sales that already exceed 66 million copies sold as of December 31, 2020.“.

Later in the statement you can read: “The title was critically acclaimed following the release of its two demos with a local and online cooperative ahead of its release, resulting in sales exceeding five million copies sold a week after its release.“.

We remember that sales in digital and physical format are not mentioned as a whole, and that these sales refer to copies sold in physical format sold. Partly because Nintendo does not offer exact numbers of the games sold in digital format.

Monster Hunter Rise sells 1.3 million in Japan, and is practically sold out

So that, Monster Hunter Rise was already a hit on Nintendo Switch, but it continues to be consecrated as such to each passing day.

Source: Capcom

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