It is the fashionable controller to play with the mobile: it turns it into a portable console and costs 70 euros at Amazon

Turn your mobile into a portable console and play streaming with this command for Android mobiles for 58 euros

It has been said for years that mobile phones could be the main devices to play thanks to streaming platforms. These platforms have not yet become a real alternative to having a desktop game console, but between them and the fact that there are many games designed to get the most playability on mobile, having a powerful smartphone is a great way to play. And it is with this controller, much better, because you will have a really precise gaming experience. We are practically talking about having a portable console.

We talk about GameSir X2. It is from one of those brands that was born as one more manufacturer of accessories for video games, but which has become one of our favorites for its good quality / price ratio and because in some things it simply has no rival. East command that turns your mobile into a game console is one of those examples. Right now it costs 70 euros, and in time it may be what you see on board buses, subways, planes, or even at work, because it could be the new standard way of playing.

The remote is designed to be compatible with practically all mobile phones on the market as long as they have a Type C port in the lower section and that it is not displaced to the side but remains in the center. Have a asymmetrical design similar to that of a Nintendo Switch, with two joysticks and two spreaders, one for steering and one for action buttons. Additionally it has the L and R buttons, two of each, as well as buttons for contextual use, such as Home, Back, or other configurable ones.

The quality in the design of this remote is something that is seen in each of the details. For example, leave enough space between the back of the remote that acts as a support and the mobile itself, so that the smartphone can cool properly, something important when playing. In addition, in the grip section it has a rubber surface so that it is non-slip and does not fall from our hands.

AND the Type C port that it has can be moved by changing its angle so that we do not break it when installing or removing the mobile.

This remote uses the mobile battery, so it does not have to be charged. However, it consumes only 2 mAh of the smartphone’s battery for every hour of use. And if we are playing and the mobile battery begins to run out, we can connect the charger to a port on the remote in order to charge the battery.

Is a ideal purchase whether you are a fan of mobile games that are already available, as if you were considering subscribing to one of the streaming gaming platforms such as Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud or Vortex. By 70 euros It is an essential purchase for any gamer worth its salt.

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