Immortals developer Fenyx Rising talks about comparisons to Zelda Breath of the Wild

Immortals developer Fenyx Rising talks about comparisons to Zelda Breath of the Wild

Immortals Fenyx Rising has been with us for several months now, the new Ubisoft game (and in turn new IP of Ubisoft quebec) received positive reviews and keep enchanting the players. On the one hand, thanks to its exploration and open world system, but on the other thanks to the inclusion of Greek mythology.

However, almost from the beginning many have seen similarities in The Legend of Breath of the Wild, although in Ubisoft they don’t see that as a negative thing. Julien Galloudec, associate director of the project, has commented to Nintendo Everyting that the Zelda game is one of the games that Ubisoft noticed, especially puzzles; but it also points to Jak & Daxter and Banjo-Kazooie as other titles they explored.

At the beginning, we wanted to mix open world, Greek mythology and platforms, that was the basis, but we wanted to create a Disneyland of mythology, create the game as a theme park with a God in each region. You went to each one and with the map you could see themes, differences and activities“, He said. “When we had that, we already saw similarities in Breath of the Wild – in game structure – and we were very inspired by its puzzles. But we also look at other games – Jack & Daxter and Banjo-Kazooie – since they are action titles with platforms and combat, with puzzles in small colorful open worlds.“.

We gathered a lot of inspiration based on what we wanted to do, it is obvious that when you see something new you look at things that already exist, we knew that would compare like Zelda and Assassin’s Creed. But I think those comparisons are good, in the end it is positive“. One thing in which Immortals Fenyx Rising and Breath of the Wild differ it’s in its history and progression, you can’t go to the final boss directly, something Galloudec explains.

There are two reasons, one because we wanted history and narration to be important aspects, that the character be built and others, there are many things hidden about why, the gods, what happened and who you are. That is why we wanted to keep that as an important part of the game, and above that, create a progressive character that needs the power of a God and we added certain things before reaching the Titan“, he explained.

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You have a lot of freedom to explore and do missions, you can choose to start from one God to another, make two gods in parallel, but there are certain things to accomplish before you can reach Typhoon.“.

Source: Nintendo Everyting

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