How to use the Thought Cabinet on Disco Elysium and what it is for

How to use the Thought Cabinet on Disco Elysium and what it is for

One of the best indie titles that have been released in recent times is Disco Elysium, a program that now returns thanks to The Final Cut version becoming – even the best PS5 game on Metacritic.

And it is that the user community always values ​​independent proposals, and Disco Elysium offers an extremely interesting narrative story where social issues that affect the world in which the character lives submerged come together.

One of the main actions that we must carry out in Disco Elysium is the investigation of thoughts, and related to the same, the user may have different doubts about the possibility of stopping these investigations or if an investigation thought can be eliminated, among other things.

How to use the Thought Cabinet on Disco Elysium and what it is for

What is the thought cabinet

To give you a better understanding, the Thoughts Cabinet is a mechanic that allows the player to see what thoughts go through the main character’s head and gain additional bonuses.

How to research a thought

So that we can investigate a thought, it is as simple as going to the “thought cabinet” tab, selecting a free space, then selecting any thought we have from the list on the right side of the screen and clicking “internalize” to let the investigation begin.

You must be aware that the investigation time will vary depending on the type of thought that we are investigating, something that can take from a few minutes to even several hours.

As soon as the required time has passed, our thinking will be internalized and we will be equipped, giving us that specific bonus that we wanted so much.

It may be the case, that there are some thoughts that you are investigating, and during that internalization process, they may cause you some type of negative bonus such as decreasing statistics, or even increasing them, so you must be careful.

How to stop researching a thought

It may be the case that we are not interested in continuing to investigate a thought, and to stop the process you must simply select the thought that we want to stop, and then click on the “stop” button. As soon as we do, the thought space of the interface will be freed, and you will be able to verify the internalization process that had been completed.

How to delete a thought

Disco Elysium

As we said before, once a thought is fully investigated it is permanently equipped, but we can also eliminate them simply by selecting this thought and hitting the “forget” button.

However, you must bear in mind that if you click on the forget button, we will be deducted 1 skill point in the elimination of the thought, and you will no longer see it in the list, so you will have lost it.

I need more thought slots

At the beginning of the program we have three spaces for thoughts, and the problem comes when we have already used all the slots that are present in the thought cabinet. To unlock additional thought slots, all you have to do is invest 1 skill point.

As you can see, it is quite intuitive to manage all thoughts through the thought cabinet in Disco Elysium, with which you can create your character in a fairly balanced way if you make the best decisions. Remember that Disco Elysium The Final Cut is coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One this summer.

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