How to hunt Bishaten, one of the new monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

How to hunt Bishaten, one of the new monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

One of the surprises that we are going to find for our games to Monster hunter rise are the new monsters that have been released in this installment, and since you do not know them before, it is likely that during your first confrontations with them you do not know exactly what you should do, and specifically in this guide we refer to Bishaten.

Bishaten is one of the monsters that are available in Monster Hunter Rise and is a mixture of monkey and bat, which does not stop spinning and throwing all kinds of fruits that can cause different states.

So in this guide we teach you how to hunt down Bishaten in Monster Hunter Rise, pointing out the weaknesses and strengths it has and also on which parts it is better to attack it.

How to hunt Bishaten, one of the new monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

Bishaten strengths and weaknesses

This enemy does not have any element associated with it. In this case, we advise you to use the best armor you have but taking into account that it is an enemy that can cause us the states of poison and paralysis.

Carrying a few antidotes to combat will be more than enough, while paralysis can be cured after being hit by a teammate or by the enemy himself.

It has elemental weakness to ice, and it may also take a bit of additional damage from fire and thunder damage, but it is waterproof and dragon-like. It has a two-star weakness to explosions and the ice plague.

When it comes to hitting zones, it has quite a few places that you could attack. In principle each type of weapon is effective if you hit it to the head, but cutting weapons can do good damage to its tail.

Best way to face Bishaten

It is not a very complicated enemy, and most of its attacks are physical, so if you are a little away there will not be much problem.

It generally performs rotating movements and you must be especially careful with an attack where it attacks the players, where you will have to avoid it by dodging to the left or to the right.

Monster hunter rise

If you hit the enemy while he is spinning, he will drop fruit, which you can use exclusively in this fight to cause him different states such as paralysis or poison.

Obviously the enemy can also use this fruit, and in fact it is one of its main movements, and depending on its color it can perform a different type of damage. For example, the yellow fruit is a standard projectile; purple fruit can poison you if it hits you; while the yellow-green fruit can cause paralysis.

Finally, when Bishaten covers his eyes with his wings, it will mean that he will cause a flash that will stun hunters, and for a couple of seconds you will be defenseless.

Now you have all the keys to defeat Bishaten the Monster Hunter Rise, knowing their weaknesses and strengths. Do not hesitate to consult other Monster Hunter Rise guides: where to find Dragonite, Gracio, Fucium, Machalite and all the minerals, get the Armor Claw, how to get Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise, how to climb to high rank faster to get the best ones weapons and armor, Frenzy in Monster Hunter Rise: tricks, tips and best tactics for the new game mode, 8 tips that you will be grateful to know before you start playing, how to defeat the Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise: best weapons and tactics to beat the logo monster. We also leave you the analysis of this Nintendo Switch game.

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