Housemarque explains how Returnal’s cyclical narrative has been set up in a new video

Housemarque explains how Returnal's cyclical narrative has been set up in a new video

PlayStation 5 will receive its first big exclusive game of 2021 later this April: Returnal. This third-person sci-fi action and exploration game is the work of Housemarque. Those of you who know the studio will know that most of their games have focused on playability (particularly arcade shooters like Resogun).

But Returnal will put much more weight on the narrative. The latest game development diary talks precisely about how they have approached the story, in a way that is rich but complementary to the gameplay, without interrupting it, and taking advantage of the unique language of the video game.




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As you probably know, Returnal takes place in a time loop, similar to that of many other works such as Trapped in Time (Groundhog Day) or Edge of Tomorrow. It is a well-known premise already, but one that offers great possibilities to surround the story of Selene with mystery, an astronaut who lands on a hostile planet, and each time she dies she reappears on the ship … although the planet will also have changed.

This is the basis of the roguelikeGames that by this very nature tend to focus on the gameplay and not on the story, although Hades was a good example of the opposite. Returnal will also do the same with production values ​​of a AAA, who do not usually dare with these narrative structures and non-linear playable.

Thus, on the planet we will find tracks and audios, even with our own corpse, from a past expedition … or future. Returnal will play with time and with our mind … while we get hold of alien technology to fight the monsters of the planet Atropos (in today’s video we see more combat gameplay).

Remember, Returnal will come out April 30 only for PlayStation 5.

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