Godzilla vs Kong becomes an oxygen balloon for movie theaters around the world

Godzilla vs Kong becomes an oxygen balloon for movie theaters around the world

On more than one occasion we have been able to talk about how hard the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) for the film exhibition sector, the theaters of a lifetime, wow. Like many other sectors, movie theaters have been affected with severe capacity reductions or directly with the forced closure by the authorities to try to prevent the spread of the virus. To this must be added the fear and reluctance of the public to return to the rooms as they were reopening.

To make matters worse, the fact that the big studios have been delaying their big releases has meant that the billboard is dominated by films whose ability to attract the masses is much less. Only films like Tenet or Wonder Woman 1984 reached theaters with certain options to make a difference, but they were not the panacea either.

However, Godzilla vs Kong has managed to become an oxygen balloon for movie theaters. After its excellent international premiere, last week it arrived in theaters in the United States with the desire to hit the table when it comes to the box office.

And such a way he made it. As collected Collider, the movie of Adam Wingard carried on Sunday an estimated collection worldwide of $ 285 million. Compared to the “pre-pandemic” numbers, this may seem like a small thing, but keep in mind that Godzilla vs Kong You are dealing with situations like movie theaters with limited seating and some people’s ever-persistent fear of going to the movie theater. Of course, anything that helps revive the exhibition sector is welcome.

Have you already seen Godzilla vs Kong? What do you think? Remember that you have our review of the epic battle between the most famous monsters on the big screen on the web.

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