Castlevania Resurrection for Dreamcast, although canceled, actually came into being and is shown on video

Castlevania Resurrection for Dreamcast, although canceled, actually came into being and is shown on video

Some may not know it, but Castlevania Resurrection it was going to be a new installment of the saga for Dreamcast, although it was canceled in March 2000. Now, without becoming part as the 17th game in the saga, becomes part of the Olympus of games that could have been something else, but that ultimately came to nothing.

It was a title that it was thought lost forever, a game with more than 20 years since its last news and that was known shown in a closed circle of people and in a partially playable version. However, as they say in the Dreamcast Game Information Preservation website: “I couldn’t believe it when they sent me a picture of the prototype, there he was in front of me, resurrected“.

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The game would have been the third installment of the saga in 3D focused on the character of Sonia Belmont and a new character, Victor Belmont, a vampire hunter who has abandoned his lineage. The story would take place in 1666, just before Simon Belmont’s adventure in the original Castlevania.

According to Greg Orduyan, art director of the game, canceled due to various factors, including discrepancies between Konami’s America and Japan teams and the lack of confidence in Dreamcast before the launch of PlayStation 2. But now we have this game prototype in a pre-E3 demo of its year, with five playable environments and a boss fight in one stage of the game.

It seems that environments fail to connect, they are only accessible from the menu, so it would be an initial beta version. But from the web they warn that what may happen to the prototype is beyond their understanding, he does not know what his acquaintance will do.

Konami opens its official online store, with clothing, accessories and other Metal Gear, Castlevania or PES products

¿Do you think Castlevania Resurrection could have been a good success had it been released on the Dreamcast??

Source: Sega Dreamcast info Préservation games

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