Balan Wonderworld has a song on its soundtrack that looks a lot like a Ghostbusters

Balan Wonderworld has a song on its soundtrack that looks a lot like a Ghostbusters

Balan Wonderworld has been on the market for almost two weeks, the title developed by Balan Company where Yuji Naka and Naoto Oshima are part has not had a very pleasant reception. The only one that stands out slightly among the critics is PS5, although narrowly since it is very close to the rest below 50 in Metacritic.

Now it has become something else in relief about the game, although it is not exactly a technical or playable aspect of it. Some users have noticed that a piece of his soundtrack It looks too much like one of the ones in the Ghostbusters.

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At the moment nothing is being revealed, only seeing the similarities between both pieces of music. The author of giving voice to this has been GigaBoots on Twitter. He himself has left the song of the Balan Wonderworld soundtrack call “The Firefighter with Heroic Aspirations: Main Theme“, which we leave it inserted just below.

On the other hand is the instrumental version of the original song heard on Ghostbusters. And, of course, when you listen to it taking into account these similarities – and having heard Balan Wonderworld before – it is difficult not to put a little parallel between the two.

It is possible that the part in the Balan Wonderworld soundtrack defer what is just and necessary so that you do not get into legal problems, but that cannot be said by someone outside both projects, so you cannot sentence right now.

For now, we have left everything ready for you to draw your own conclusions about it. Certainly since Wonderworld Balance hit the market has not been without criticism, either from its gameplay, through its appearance and the dangerous scene for health that they had to correct …

Wonderworld balance for Nintendo Switch does not reach 30/100 in Metacritic

¿What do you think about these similarities between Balan Wonderworld and Ghostbusters soundtracks??

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