A new DC comic will show Batman and Superman … as gunmen!

A new DC comic will show Batman and Superman ... as gunmen!

The dc comics They have led their characters into some of the most bizarre situations. In addition to the numerous realities that over the years have been presented in the pages of the comics, the possibility of traveling in time also made an appearance to take the characters to times in which we are not so used to Imagine modern superheroes fighting battles with supervillains.

Well, in part, and trying not to go into too much detail, that is the premise of what we are going to find in Batman / Superman # 19, the DC comic that comes from the hand of Darick Robertson, Emanuela Lupacchino, Steve Lieber and Kyle. Hotz.

DC Comics has shared the cover of Batman / V Superman # 19, a comic in which we see the alter egos of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne turned into authentic gunmen in the Wild West, as if it were a Sergio Leone movie.

Naturally, we can see on the cover how strange it seems to us to see these two characters fleeing on horseback from a band of robots (who also go on horseback, all is said). This is due to the presence of the villain Autuer.io, which intends to alter the timeline of different realities to implant its own “fascist utopia” as the only possible regime. This is where Batman and Superman must intervene to prevent the villain’s plans from coming to fruition, even if they have to fill with desert dust.

What do you think of the cover of Batman / Superman # 19?

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