The trailer for Bloodborne 2 for PS5 made by a fan that could almost pass through the announcement of the long-awaited sequel

Bloodborne on PS5?  A user finds in the PS Store the game file with references to that version

¿A sequel to Bloodborne for PlayStation 5? That is what the user and fan of the FromSoftware game with a trailer. Garden of eyes, that’s how he calls himself on YouTube, has recreated the look of a supposed Bloodborne 2 which has a very shiny look and finish.

Thanks to the fact have modified the game, the trailer of the same shows new levels, characters in the world, bosses, game modes and a lot lot more. But in order not to tell you too much, we’d better leave you with the gameplay trailer in question so that you can take a look for yourselves.

The sequel takes place after the events of the first game, where nameless hunters have defeated the source of the Dream, the Lunar Presence, and transcended to a greater plane; starting a New Childhood. However, having consumed high doses of Ancient Blood in his hunt, his ‘rise’ was not pure and has given a new race: The Great Beasts.“.

That is part of the synopsis that they have from DSOGaming and he told them Garden of eyes, but you have to remember that this is a trailer by a fan of the game. “With his last scrap of humanity, he must ask the hunters for help once more, sending them back when everything has begun.“.

At the moment, the Exclusive PS4 IP He recently turned six and does not seem to be going back anywhere at the moment. Users are doing more for the game, with mods at 4K / 60FPS and as if it were a game of karts.

Bloodborne producer leaves Japan Studios: Japanese studio talent drain continues

But hey, we always have enjoy these little wonders made by users.

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