The creators of Outriders claim to have ideas for future DLC, “significant expansions with self-contained stories”

Outriders tells their story in this animated trailer: "The planet turned us into weapons"

Outriders is the studio’s new shooter People can fly, which has been published by Square enix and that it has obtained good critics by the press and the players. The game has a long duration and a lot post-game content, but it draws the attention of have been launched in a joint pack no DLC and / or expansions.

In our analysis we commented: “A shooter with long RPG overtones, very fun and with an offensive inclination that we love“, but since People can fly they have wanted to clarify that they are not abandoning the game. The study claims instead to have an interest in create future content for Outriders.

In an interview with Forbes, their creative director Bartek Kmita has commented that they still have many stories to tell and great ideas for the Outriders future; a future that didn’t fit the base game. “We never said we were to quit the game“, Kmita explained, because many believed that there would be no more to tell.

This is not a game as a service, but if the players believe it, it is a fact that we will do more things for the Outriders universe. We have many more stories to tell and ideas that we want to explore that did not fit in the original game. That is why we will be happy to do it in the future.“.

Everything we are going to do would be linked in the form of meaningful expansions with self-contained stories, “Kmita concluded. People can fly has already commented on many occasions that Outriders is a full game with no cut content for DLCs.

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Remember that if you are Xbox Game Pass users you have been able to play it since launch day. ¿You have already tried Outriders?

Source: Forbes

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