New details of a canceled Game of Thrones series

HBO would launch three new Game of Thrones spinoffs

Maybe the end of Game of Thrones back in 2019 was not as fans expected, but the truth is that The HBO series served as a gateway to a fascinating world created by George RR Martin that the platform plans to exploit with many other series that it is already beginning to develop.

However, this time HBO wants to get it right and give the fans what they expect, that’s why is being very careful not to give all projects the green light, and even those announced with great fanfare, such as the spin-off that Naomi Watts was going to star in and of which a pilot episode was recorded, can be canceled if they do not convince the platform executives.

But apparently This has not been the only project canceled or, at least, of which it has been decided to pause its development, Well, the director of Godzilla vs Kong, Max Borenstein, was also working on another spin-off of Game of Thrones that, as he revealed in an interview with Collider, I was quite advanced.

It was very developed, especially in terms related to the world in which it was going to happen, there was a script, the first sketches, and we even had a title. We had a lot of work done, “confessed Borenstein, who has apologized for not being able to give more details although he has acknowledged that it was a very gratifying job and that he hopes that one day it will see the light, which perhaps could happen, since he has not clarified whether HBO canceled it or simply put its development on hold for later.

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