After almost two years of knowing nothing about the movie, which didn’t even have a trailer, Godzilla vs. Kong premiered on March 26 in theaters and ended a seven-year story that confronted the two great movie titans on the big screen.

It all started in 2014 with the premiere of the first film, Godzilla, which introduced the world to the radioactive giant monster, in 2017 came the presentation of the giant monkey with the premiere of Kong: Skull Island, which would follow in 2019, Godzilla: King of the monsters, in which it was shown that there were more titans apart from these two so well known. And finally, in 2021 came Godzilla vs. Kong, the final showdown between these two giants and the end of the franchise?

Max Borestein, writer of the last one, hopes not, because although he admits that the final fight seems the end of this Monsterverse created by Legendary, he believes that more films could be made from those already released.

“I hope there is more but I have no idea. If this movie is not the top at least it is the plateau that we all hoped to reach. This is the point we all wanted to get to from the beginning, so I’m really looking forward to whatever is going to be done with this franchise.. The main objective was to build the history of these two characters and put them together, like The Avengers, but that does not mean that there cannot be other films that unite them again “, explained the screenwriter in an interview with Collider.

And you, would you like to see more Godzilla or King Kong movies?