Genshin Impact would have new weapons, leaked by a dataminer

Genshin Impact would have new weapons, leaked by a dataminer

Genshin Impact will have a lot of cool stuff with the arrival of the 1.5, but at the moment some of their new weapons are being seen. Although myHoYo assured of the leaks of this 1.5 have been due to an error with the beta, now in a group of Discord new weapons are being revealed that could hit the game with the next patch.

Taking into account that Genshin Impact is frequently updateddataminers have been very active from the start with leaks of characters and events. Even though myHoYo ensure that this harms the game and community, little has stopped the flow and now we are facing one of the most extensive leaks to date.

Information is collected Zluet on Twitter saying that it compiles the information discovered by the Discord Wangsheng Funeral Parlor community; although he warns that they may not make it to the game. Of all the weapons in datamining, there are all kinds in 5 stars: bows, claymores, swords, and catalysts, but also 4-star catalysts, swords, and bows.

This is not the first time they have leaked weapons from Genshin Impact, but like other times only names and images are seen. And also as always, they have a very beautiful finish and an elegant design, where the sword it would look good to Xingqiu, for instance. The 5 Star Asta Weapon –Regicide– has his charm with Xiao, for instance.

There’s also bows and swords with a beautiful design, but it remains to be seen if they arrive with version 1.5 of the game or if they even do so. At the moment, it seems that 1.5 will be available at the end of April, but we will be looking forward to official news from miHoYo.

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For now, a native version for PS5 has been announced in 4K and with less load times for spring, ¿they may be preparing a joint launch?

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