Create the world’s largest functional Nintendo Switch and show the process step by step

Create the world's largest functional Nintendo Switch and show the process step by step

Nintendo Switch was a novel and delightful hybrid console on the part of Nintendo, with which we could play titles released for the machine in two ways. One of them is to use it as a laptop that has always made the company famous, the other as a desktop console when connecting it to the TV through its particular dock.

Now, what if Nintendo decided to make a new nintendo switch -not the Swith Pro that has been on the lips of many for weeks- if not a huge one? Well, it was not Nintendo, this feat has it Michael Pick on YouTube, when show a Nintendo Switch console weighing almost 30 kilos; you will see to take her on the bus.

As you can in the video, he boasts of having created a console with 4K display, 76cm high, 177cm wide and 650% larger than the original. You can see how it works, how you created it, by playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Fortnite. In addition, the assembly process is also detailed in its video, in case we want to create our own. First he created the case, buttons and 3D mounts for the Joy-Con.

Then these Joy-Con in 3D They are connected with an Arduino microcontroller that makes sure that all the buttons work correctly. Later, and to give the final touches to his work, he verified that everything works perfectly and that it could be played with the console despite its size, and that is how the nation was. gigantic nintendo switch.

However,decided to create the world’s largest Nintendo Switch just because? Not exactly, in the description Pick explains: “Watch how I build the biggest Nintendo Switch and later donate it to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital“It is a pediatric research and treatment center focused on catastrophic illnesses in children, particularly leukemia and other cancers. In this way, the stay will be much more enjoyable.

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¿What would be the first thing you would play if you had the opportunity to own and / or build a Nintendo Switch as big as this one?

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