A new study claims that more than 60% of viewers of Zack Snyder’s Justice League did not finish it

The imposing statue of Superman arrives in Zack Snyder's Justice League

Finally after a continuous fight by fans and the director himself, including actor Ray Fisher, The Justice League It was re-released in a completely new way, since this time it was with the editing of its original director, Zack Snyder, and it could be seen, not only in theaters but also on a streaming platform such as HBO Max.

And of course all this news made that during its first week of premiere on the HBO platform, The Justice League was seen in the United States by more than 1.8 million people. But this figure is no longer so spectacular if we take into account the data published by the platform Samba TV After doing an analysis among the viewers, it came to the conclusion that only 800,000 of them got to see the 242 minutes of the film, that is, more than 60% have not seen the end.

Some figures that can be analyzed in several ways: that many of the 1.8 million viewers only watched the first few minutes of the film to try to understand all the hype created but never intended to see it in its entirety, that a large part of the viewers did not find The Justice League interesting, or simply that since it lasted four hours there have been viewers who paused it to be able to continue watching it at another time and never returned to the Snyder tape.

However, what is clear is that having released Snyder’s montage of The Justice League has been a very good investment for both the director and Warner (owner of HBO), because according to data from Forbes, Since the film’s premiere, there have been 1.48 million more downloads from the HBO Max platform in the United States., which means that, if everyone becomes subscribers for at least a month for $ 14.99, the studio would be earning about $ 22.2 million in this country alone, which added to what was obtained in theaters and in subscriptions around the world more than amortized the $ 70 million spent on remaking the tape.

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