Zack Snyder’s Justice League – This is how hard it is to be Mera in real life

Zack Snyder's Justice League - This is how hard it is to be Mera in real life

Zack Snyder’s Justice League has already been released after years of fighting and all the actors who have participated in it are celebrating, especially those whose roles were somewhat diminished in the Joss Whedon version and who have now been able to show off a bit.

And precisely in this category we find the actress Amber Heard, who was chosen by Zack Snyder himself to give life to Mera, Aquaman’s partner and warrior from the depths of the sea, who has published a funny video on the set of Justice League, with which she wanted to show how complicated it is, sometimes, to give life to a superheroine.

“Mermaids also drink Matcha tea … exclusively a short video about life on the set to celebrate the premiere of the Justice League Snyder Cut. She is beautiful and she is graceful,” Heard wrote with a video in which she is seen dressed in Mera’s costume that does not seem to allow her to bend her knees, so when she drops her glass of tea it is impossible for her to catch it.

Besides Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill or Ray Fisher, Heard has also been another of the fervent defenders of Zack Snyder’s version from The Justice League, above all, because it was the director himself who chose her to be Mera, a role that she would later play in the Aquaman films.

“I’m allergic to being the damsel in distress, the two-dimensional archetype that a woman is often reduced to in this industry, especially in superhero movies. Zack gave me the role of a “warrior queen”, he told me: “you will have a sword and a crown”, and I replied: “ok”, the actress recalled in an interview with EW.

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