This Xiaomi LED TV has 4K, Android TV and is 55 inches: for only 389 euros on Media Markt

This Xiaomi LED TV has 4K, Android TV and is 55 inches: for only 389 euros on Media Markt

Xiaomi is a trusted brand. They have products in practically every sector of technology. Some are the best in their category, and some are just good. But in any case, whenever we buy one we can say that we have a quality guarantee of one of their products. That is why This TV that is available at a very cheap price on Media Markt is a great purchase for home.

It’s about the model Xiaomi Mi TV 4S, which stands out for being a large format, being 55 inches, and having a good resolution, reaching 4K. As if this were not enough, television also has Android TV. Right now you can buy it at Media Markt for just 389 euros, an ideal price for a quality product.

The 55 inch size It is the standard that has been imposed today for normal rooms, such as the living room of a house. We can even say that within the standard formats, the 55 inches are typical of a large screen. Although the truth is that today practically no television is too large even for small rooms. In this case we can even highlight the audio that the television has, as it is compatible with Dolby Audio and has two speakers with a total of 20 watts of power. Although how we will get more out of it is with a Dolby compatible equipment.

The screen resolution is 4K, they reach 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Notably better than Full HD resolution, which offers us a good pixel density for a television in this format, and we will not have sharpness problems at any time. Besides that it can be a good option if we want to see 4K content from streaming video platforms, or even connect a PS5 or Xbox Series X console.

The fact that it has Android TV It is something very interesting because we can install common applications such as Disney +, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or even many others available for the Google operating system. We will can download the apps exactly the same as on the mobile, from the Google Play Store.

And if this were not enough, the design of the television is very successful, well this Xiaomi Mi TV 4S is silver with practically non-existent bezels. Your price of 389 euros and the fact that it is sold directly in Spain at Media Markt, makes it a perfect purchase. If you buy it now, you will have it already this week that is about to start at home.

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