The PS5 and Xbox Series X shortage could last until mid-2022, according to one of the big Asian manufacturers

The PS5 and Xbox Series X shortage could last until mid-2022, according to one of the big Asian manufacturers

The odyssey to get one new PlayStation 5 and / or Xbox Series X / S console it is still very latent, despite the fact that many users already have it. However, things will not improve at all early, since Foxconn the world’s leading electronics component maker expects this parts situation to last until mid-2022; Foxconn is the technology provider from companies like Google and Microsoft.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many, including semiconductor manufacturers, shutting down factories, entire plants, and manufacturing graphics for AMD and Nvidia. Both consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X / SThey use AMD processors, so the consoles are in a domino effect that can last a while longer.

Foxconn president Young Liu said the electronic manufacturing would produce 10% fewer products than expected by this lack of components. Another report reads Foxconn’s expectations, with delays until 2022, but also demand is between 10 and 30% higher than production.

Due to the lack of components and the high demand on AMD and Nvidia graphics, it could not be solved in this year. This lack of chips has affected companies such as Sony and Microsoft, both recently joined the 15 other companies, including the US Chamber of Commerce, seeking help from the Biden Administration; Even if the executive order is signed and the reason for this is investigated, it would take even longer to solve the real problem.

Some reports estimate the lack of semiconductors until the 2nd quarter of 2022, but on consoles it is not stated that it will end soon. These components are used in many electronic devices, so the most necessary ones, such as national security devices, will be prioritized.

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For now, the limited stock of both new generation consoles will continue with us this year, although since December 2021 We have lived through some convulsive times, so everything will be restless.

Source: Nikkei Asia

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