Falcon and the Winter Soldier has not only been Marvel’s attempt to develop a little more the story of two classic characters from the Avengers movies, but also It has served to introduce a new character who has not aroused much sympathy among the UCM public.

Of course we are talking about John Walker, the new Captain America played by actor Wyatt Russell who Ever since the first episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier premiered, it has been a constant mockery on social media.Well, not all Marvel fans have liked it as a replacement for Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers.

Russell has stayed out of criticism and ridicule, especially because it does not have social networks, until now, because in an interview with Variety He has spoken directly about them and has even confessed which is his favorite meme.

“I don’t have social media, but I have gotten some things from my friends that were too good not to share. The best is the one that compares me to the man from Up with a helmet. Is incredible. Whoever did that deserves an award. It’s flattering. It’s like they hate the character. They hate him! It’s fun to be Marvel’s punching bag for a while, “confessed Russell, who was also trying to explain why the character is so hated.

“In John’s world, he admires Steve Rogers a lot, and he wants to become him. When you’re watching him behave like this, is he really John? Or is John trying to be someone else? I think what we see is John trying to fight with the doubts of how to be the same but at the same time be a product of the US Government. It is the only company for which he has worked and has worked very well, but he has always done it clandestinely, getting the job done but without anyone knowing very well how he has done it. And now it’s like, “okay, I’m Captain America, and the way I do my job is not exactly the same.”