Pokémon Go: the most useful and effective cons in raids

Pokémon Go: the most useful and effective cons in raids

We want to offer you the list with the best creatures you can use in raids, some counters that can be a safe bet with a series of specific movements and that are giving very good results to the community.

One of the keys to success in Pokémon Go is knowing how to use the right creatures according to the types of raids we are in and the pokémon that appear, because knowing how to choose the right creature will give us many advantages in combat.

In any case, it all depends on the level of the creatures you have, their available movements and also your own strategies, so in the end many of these recommendations can be totally customized by the user.

Pokémon Go: the most useful and effective cons in raids

Depending on the type of creature, there will be a series of suitable counters that could use derived movements to perfectly win the turn and finally the confrontation.

Thanks to this infographic shared in Reddit and belonging to the Pogonewsita account and with data collected from the pokebattler site we can observe the recommended creatures, or counters, for each of the confrontations with the great raid bosses and with some recommended movements.

Note that these types of recommendations are only valid until an upcoming meta and raid update, so please use it as soon as possible before it goes out of date.

So you know what are the recommended counters for most raids in Pokémon GO to have great chances of victory. If you want to see more Pokémon GO guides, feel free to take a look at Pokémon GO Grand League 2021: The best teams and Pokémon to watch out for, the best Pokémon to defend gyms in 2021, how to defeat Groudon, how to defeat Arlo from Team Rocket. If you need more help in Pokémon GO, you can consult our guides on how to get Pangoro, Greninja, Talonflame and other pokémon from Kalos how to get XL Candy, Pokémon Go Medals: all the medals, requirements for Gold and Platinum and go up to the level 41-50 or how to get a Mystery Box with Meltan.

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