Investors are now buying video game stocks

Investors are now buying video game stocks

In case GameStop’s actions hadn’t made you dizzy enough, or the bitcoins for example, now some companies like Rally u Otis -1016 and 2018- let their users buy game shares at auctions. Financial speculation between rare and vintage has attracted investors to this area, so their apps allow bet a part in shares for the auction.

Otis has called him “culture bag“, raising more than 14 billion in venture capital, Rally has recently reached 17 million. The Otis app has HD images of sealed games and offers to invest with the possibility of being sold at auction and reaching six figures. Of course, buying stocks in a physical game is not the same as market stocks.

In the Otis app it is explained about Zelda that “is one of Nintendo’s most prominent and successful franchises. It is attributed to the cycle in each generation of Nintendo, consolidating its relevance“, but from Breath of the Wild they affirm that they will return their”memories of the franchise“Buying shares follows the same practice, you can use Otis to buy 5 at the price of $ 10 each in a game, since the Otis gives an estimated market value.

Since Wired have discussed this with Joe Tartaglia, owner of the 8 Bit and Up, a small store that specializes in retro games. When asked about the prices they estimate, he says: “You talk about a year, the price goes up by a factor of 15 or more, it doesn’t make sense“suggests that these high prices could be these same investors driving up the value.”I wouldn’t go into that thing“He glares. While Otis thinks the NES gaming market is a good bet, Tartaglia sees the opposite in store.”Those prices have gone down“.

His theory is that buyers interested in NES games have grown up with them and have been trying to rescue their memories for 6-7 years. Videogamesnewyork is a nearby store and with similar thinking, a sealed copy of Pokémon Yellow in Otis has a value of $ 79,500, in his store an open one behind the glass costs $ 40. In short, everything comes from the rare and speculative, the prices are so high (not because of the rarity since there are many) but because of the state of conservation, which in turn has a cost that raises the product.

A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. breaks the record for the most expensive game in history, selling for € 561,000

According to Dan Mastin, manager of Videogamesnewyork, there is “people looking for their hidden value try to sell for $ 5,000 / $ 10,000, something they can buy for $ 500“Sealed, unopened, but valuable is what some people without interest in owning or playing them are looking for, they only see them as assets.”You have to search conscientiously because there are hidden treasures“, He said.

Source: Wired

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