Wonderworld balance for Nintendo Switch does not reach 30/100 in Metacritic

Balan Wonderworld includes a scene that can be dangerous to your health even if you are not epileptic

Square Enix launched last Friday Balan Wonderworld, the new fantasy platform game from Yuji naka, creator of Sonic, for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC consoles. The truth is that the title is not having a good reception in terms of positive receptions, and the case of Nintendo Switch version it’s especially bloody.

First of all, we clarify that Balan Wonderworld it’s not a bad game at all, and in fact you can read our analysis, in which we give it a rating of 68. However, its average in Metacritic is below 50/100 in virtually all versions, with the sole exception of the PS5 version, which has a 57.

Especially bloody is the case with the Nintendo Switch version. Wonderworld balance for the hybrid console has an average grade of 27/100 by specialized means, after making the mean of 4 analyzes. In contrast, users give it a 67 to this version, something that has practically happened with all versions.

Balan Wonderworld is an example contrary to review bombing. Usually, some users give bad ratings to a certain game to lower the average in Metacritic, but with this title it happens just the other way around. Your averages from specialized reviews they fall far short of user ratings.

For example, if we see the note from Balan Wonderworld users in their version of Xbox One, we see that it looks like a 88/100, and the same happens with PC (82), PS4 (75), PS5 (71) and Xbox Series X | S (84) versions, in addition to the note 67 of the Nintendo Switch version.

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The truth is that many players already complained when the demo of Balan Wonderworld came out, and especially in the case of the Nintendo console. Many of its errors have been solved, and others did it the same day of launch (like the dangerous scene …).

Have you played Balan Wonderworld? You think that Nintendo Switch version deserves such a low average? In our analysis we already told you that it has some really good points, and that, if you are patient, you can enjoy this magical platform adventure.

Source: Metacritic

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