With this 1TB SSD you will put your computer at 1,600 Mbps and it only costs you 84 euros

With this 1TB SSD you will put your computer at 1,600 Mbps and it only costs you 84 euros

The normal thing when your computer is slow is to think about retiring it and buy a new one, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Install an SSD drive can resurrect an old computer And it is much cheaper than buying a new one, especially if you find offers like this.

And is that in Aliexpress Plaza you have a 1TB SSD that will make your computer travel at speeds you haven’t seen in years, like 1,600 Mbps. A dizzying speed that will make you regain your faith in technology and everything for 84 euros and with delivery in five days from Spain.

Now that many games and programs take up more and more space, it is very likely that your computer is running out of space and that is slowing it down. Before buying a new one you might want to try the benefits of an SSD. Because, if for whatever reason it doesn’t solve the problem, you can recycle it for your next computer.

With this 1TB NVMe SSD you will get speeds of 1,600 Mbps, which is quite remarkable considering that this format is faster than 2.5 “SATA. That also makes them more expensive, although not with this offer. You can also opt for other options with less capacity: 128GB, 256GB or 512GB.

Sold by KingSpec brand, which has been making a niche first in Aliexpress and little by little in the western market. For context, a 512GB KingSpec NVMe SSD costs at Amazon almost 90 euros, so you will understand why this offer is so interesting.

So now you know: if you want to increase the speed of your computer, whether old or new, take advantage of the fact that you have this 1TB SSD for 84 euros on Aliexpress and that you receive it in five days from Spain. And if you have more questions, you can always consult our buying guide for an SSD.

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